SEASON 1 [2017]

  • GENREFamily / Adventure
  • FORMAT16 episodes x 12 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 3-8
Kyle is a robot race-obsessed elementary school student, who, along with his mechanical engineer mother, Dr. Hughes, dreams of entering the races with their transforming robots in team ATHLON: Alpha, Beta, and Theta. They are especially excited to meet robot race champion, Mavrik.

However, upon entering the races, they realize that Mavrik's gentle demeanor is all a front-he is in fact a villain that uses all kinds of immoral methods to stay the winner.

Kyle, who is nothing without integrity, decides that he will show Mavrik that winning is possible without cheating. Others do not believe Hale's stories about Mavrik because he hides behind an angelic veil while all the evil deeds are carried out by LOGAN & BROGAN. Kyle teams up with Tori, who was already once victimized by Mavrik's wrongdoings. She leads team Athlon as coach as they enter upon a dangerous but adventurous race to the finish.



Twin brother. He fears Mavrik and does everything he can to obey his orders but he and his twin brother always wind up failing. They aren't extremely sharp and they're quite goofy,

but they do come up with a seemingly limitless number of schemes intended to destroy or capture Kyle's Tobots. Logan and Brogan essentially share the same mind and behave in identical fashion, though Logan is typically wimpier than his brother.