SEASON 3 [2017]

  • GENREFamily / Adventure
  • FORMAT16 episodes x 12 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 3-8
ETHAN is the son of a romantic sandwich truck owner and flight attendant manager. Then one day, he comes upon NICE JOE and his Athlons: JANGO, AMBULAN, and METRON. With them, Ethan participates in the Robot Racing Competition. If Noel was a boastful player before, he gradually and humbly realizes the true value of family and why he must win the games as he learns of Nice Joe's past and his father's secret. He is determined to face BARON BACH's schemes head-on. DIRECTOR SONG holds the races in hopes of reuniting with her lost son, but in the meantime, discovers that dangerous accidents and immoral schemes are occurring and chooses to investigate the matter further. Will Director Song reunite with her long-lost son?



Though Baron Bach is currently the Robot Racing champion, Nice Joe was up to four years ago, the one and only champion. He piloted Team Athlon(Jango, Ambulan, Metron), but his greed for the winning title causes him to lose touch with the robots. He becomes Ethan's mentor.