• GENRESF / Robot / Comic
  • FORMAT52 episodes x 11 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 4-7
Young detective Tyler King tackles all kinds of mysteries with his friends, the Galaxy Detectives. Whether it’s finding a little girl’s lost balloon, or tracking down his neighbor Mrs. James’ missing TV remote — every case is a serious mystery. When Tyler discovers a mysterious device later revealed to be Galaxy Weapon One, he accidentally awakens the TOBOTS: powerful galactic warriors who take the form of Tyler’s RC car collection. Together, Tyler and the Tobots team up and fight crime around his home, Nav City. Meanwhile, the villainous Team Mayhem hunt the remaining Galaxy Weapons for their leader, an evil genius named Doctor X, intending to use their power to take over the city. Tyler and his new friends fight to keep the villains at bay, while they search for clues to recover the Tobots’ missing memories. But the space tyrant Pulsar the Conqueror wants to invade Earth, plotting to recover all six Galaxy Weapons and use their power to rule the cosmos.

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Tyler King [Male, 9] “This is a serious mystery!”

Curious, energetic, and loves solving problems. Tyler is the leader of the Galaxy Detectives, and values friendship most of all, always wanting to help those in need. Sometimes, our hero will get himself into trouble by rushing into things, but his loyal Tobot friends always have his back. He learns patience and responsibility in order to become an impressive galactic guardian.