SEASON 1 [2014]

  • GENREFamily / Adventure
  • FORMAT28 episodes x 22 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 4-7
Ryan and Kory are twin brothers with one big secret: They’re Tobot pilots. As Daedo is threatened by a growing throng of villains, the pilots are thrust into the role of heroes. Highly advanced transforming cars, the twins must use their Tobots’ unique battling skills to protect the city. As the villains close in, Daedo hangs in the balance.



Diluk is not the brightest tool in the shed, and his eyes are smaller than his stomach. His speciality, other than consuming as much food as humanly possible, is to serve the villains of Daedo City.

In Acnee's absence, he makes a dash at survival by serving Bad Pitt.