SEASON 2 [2017]

  • GENREFamily / Adventure
  • FORMAT26 episodes x 12 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 3-8
Potential winners of the Robot Dodgeball Championship continue to be attacked by evil villains. Tori suspects something fishy is going on and with her friend, Kyle, they decide to team up with Taren and his Team Typhoon to work as pilots in the championship and pursue the matter further.

Taren, who was leading his team solo after the passing of his grandfather, dodgeball champion, Mr. Swift, agree to work with Tori and Kyle. Dr. Hughes gives rise to new robots, Tornado, Valkan, and Rocky. Though Taren and Kyle start off on rocky roads due to their different goals and personalities, after several trials and errors, the two are able to forge their friendship further to fight against LOLA and her evil followers.



An up and coming celebrity around town. Lola is loved by everyone but little do they know, she's just as evil as Mavrik, if not more. She uses powerful technology that puts everyone in the vicinity to sleep, and she manipulates dodgeball games to go in her favor while everyone slumbers. She appears sweet, but she's pure evil and will stop at nothing in her quest for fame.