SEASON 1 [2017]

  • GENREFamily / Adventure
  • FORMAT16 episodes x 12 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 3-8
Elementary school student and Robot Racing super-fan Kyle Hughes finally gets the chance to live out his dreams, and joins the League with Alpha, Beta and Theta— the three Tobots built by his mother, Dr. Hughes.

Unfortunately he soon discovers that his former idol Mavrik Stone, famous Robot Racing Champion and media darling, is actually a super-villain responsible for the slew of rigged and sabotaged races that have been cropping up in the competition. Kyle is determined to protect the sport he loves and with the help of his family and his friend Tori Wade, he embarks on a mission to weed out corruption from the League and reveal Mavrik for the cheater he truly is.

The best way for Team Athlon to do that? Make it as far as they can in the racing competition.



Twin brother. He fears Mavrik and does everything he can to obey his orders but he and his twin brother always wind up failing. They aren't extremely sharp and they're quite goofy,

but they do come up with a seemingly limitless number of schemes intended to destroy or capture Kyle's Tobots. Logan and Brogan essentially share the same mind and behave in identical fashion, though Logan is typically wimpier than his brother.