SEASON 4 [2017]

  • GENREFamily / Adventure
  • FORMAT22 episodes x 22 minutes
  • TARGETboys, age 4-7
With Mr. Holmes out of the picture, nothing remains in the way of Mr. Tower’s power grab. In full control of Daedo’s villainous operations, he sets in motion a massive underground digging operation to extract a massive reserve of gold nestled beneath the city. Mysterious sinkholes begin appearing all over town, and it’s up to the Tobots to solve the case.

With the help of Liam, a new Tobot pilot, and his dad Coach Kook, Team Tobot’s investigation leads the young pilots to the countryside, where the villains headquarter their operations. Out of Daedo City, the pilots are faced with new challenges in an unfamiliar landscape. With Mr. Towers always one step ahead, the Tobots will need to recruit new friends and fresh ideas to take him down.

Multiple attempts to foil Mr. Towers only spur his thirst for power and he triggers his master plan to take over the entire villain company. With him in control of the most powerful evil robot ever created, Team Tobot has no choice but to stop him once and for all.



The only person who owns shares of Chairman Wang's company as a non-family member, and holds an executive position in the company. Mr. Holmes is an ambitious individual who is always looking for a way to take the throne. Often conflicts with Mr.

Holmes and succeeds in taking over villain operations in Daedo City.